Benny Powers Web Developer

[email protected] Jerusalem Israel 054-482-5726 🇮🇱 🇨🇦

A passionate, creative, and curious programmer, I specialize in Progressive Web Apps using open web standards like custom elements, shadow DOM, and service worker.

I care about F/OSS and engineering standards, preferring comprehensive solutions over band-aid hacks that add technical debt. An autodidact, my current interests include functional JavaScript, and algebraic data types.

I excel when I have a sense of ownership over my work, and when my teammates share my enthusiasm. I'm a strong written communicator, English is my native tongue. I'm also proficient in Hebrew.

Regular contributions to the OSS community are part of my m.o.; I open issues and contribute pull requests, and have released a collection of my own F/OSS web components.

You can find me in chatrooms asking questions and helping others, I enjoy being a part of a community of learners.

The company that hires me is looking for a motivated, tenacious individual; someone whose goal is to learn, grow, and produce excellent software. They value creative expression, community contribution, two-way dialogue between management and development, and view part of their job as generating job satisfaction for their team.


Qualifications & Education

Mobile Web Specialist Certification

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View Credential

Certified in Progressive Web App technologies: Service Worker, accessibility, performance.

Rabbinic Studies

Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies -

Intensive course in the fundamentals of Talmud and Halakha (Jewish Law)

Tools & Technologies



- Present Codementor

As a featured mentor on, I helped mentees solve their programming challenges. By consulting, debugging, and suggesting novel approaches, I brought value to my mentees and their businesses.

I focused on HTML/CSS, JavaScript and the DOM; and web APIs like custom elements, payment request API, etc. I helped mentees with projects in all major frameworks (react, Vue, and Angular), as well as Ruby and PHP.

I helped mentees establish CI/CD pipelines, write unit tests, write and handle REST APIs, and deploy microservices, among other things.

Was consistently listed as featured mentor, received 5.0 ratings.


Tech Lead


Built a Progressive Web App frontend and GraphQL server that exposed objects from our own document store as well as third party services in a declarative, product-oriented API. Technologies and techniques included lit-html, Apollo GraphQL, functional programming, Rollup, CSS Grid, Web Share API, workbox, code splitting, tree-shaking, precaching, and lazy-loading to improve loading performance.

Implemented TDD and CI/CD with unit and integration testing on front- and backend

Used AWS web services (lambda, API gateway, cloudfront) to continuously deploy microservices.

Wrote an open-source component base class (3.5k downloads) which reduced our boilerplate by dozens of lines of code per file.

Mentored coworkers through design and code review, tech talks, and documentation.



- Udacity

As a student mentor, I engaged with the students assigned to me through private messages, encouraging them, answering their questions, sharing resources, and generally being there for them. I also helped the general student population online via Slack, for example by leading technical AMAs. third party services in a declarative, product-oriented API.

I also reviewed student submissions, providing feedback and approving their projects according the a rubric.


Web Developer

- UX Web Technologies
Beit Shemesh

In June of 2016, I was brought on board to manage WordPress projects, and soon became the lead developer for special projects and apps. I designed and coded several apps using polymerfire. My experience with a11y; and UX and graphic design contributed to the success of a number of projects.

I led a number of initiatives at the company to improve the company's agility and scalability, including CI/CD pipelines, Slack, GitLab, and a trello-based sales funnel.


Web Developer

- Freelance

As a freelance dev, I worked on a variety of projects using a range of technologies.

Built a number of WordPress sites, using woocommerce, page builders, child themes, and custom plugins.

Built apps using Polymer, AngularJS, firebase, nodejs, Bootstrap, and Stripe.js, including a donation app for a local charity.

Conducted web performance reviews which reduced clients' load times by more than 75%, Increased lighthouse performance scores from 0 to over 90.