Benny Powers Web Developer

Jerusalem, Israel [email protected] 054-482-5726 🇮🇱 🇨🇦

A passionate, creative, and curious programmer, I specialize in Progressive Web Apps using open web standards like custom elements, shadow DOM, and service worker.

I care about F/OSS and engineering standards, preferring comprehensive solutions over band-aid hacks that add technical debt. An autodidact, my current interests include functional JavaScript, and algebraic data types.

I excel when I have a sense of ownership over my work, and when my teammates share my enthusiasm. I'm a strong written communicator, English is my native tongue. I'm also proficient in Hebrew.

Regular contributions to the OSS community are part of my m.o.; I open issues and contribute pull requests, and have released a collection of my own F/OSS web components.

You can find me in chatrooms asking questions and helping others, I enjoy being a part of a community of learners.

The company that hires me is looking for a motivated, tenacious individual; someone whose goal is to learn, grow, and produce excellent software. They value creative expression, community contribution, two-way dialogue between management and development, and view part of their job as generating job satisfaction for their team.


Qualifications & Education

Mobile Web Specialist Certification

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View Credential

Certified in Progressive Web App technologies: Service Worker, accessibility, performance.

Rabbinic Studies

Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies -

Intensive course in the fundamentals of Talmud and Halakha (Jewish Law)

Tools & Technologies


Senior Software Engineer

Tel Aviv, Israel

Lead development of a comprehensive library of UI web components, e.g. text fields, dropdown menus, etc.

Developed and maintained new features for a complex B2B dashboard web app. As part of this project, we incrementally updated our legacy front- and back-end stack using web components, while avoiding "The Big Rewrite".

Mentored peers and junior developers in web technologies like WAI-ARIA, ES2019, Custom Elements, and the DOM; and in functional JavaScript.

Helped develop the company's Open Source offerings, and contributed to developer tools both in CI/CD (GitHub Actions) and in the front-end stack using webpack, rollup, yarn, etc.



- Present Codementor

As a featured mentor on, helped mentees solve their programming challenges. By consulting, debugging, and suggesting novel approaches, brought value to mentees and their businesses.

Focused on HTML/CSS, JavaScript and the DOM; and web APIs like custom elements, payment request API, etc. Helped mentees with projects in all major frameworks (react, Vue, and Angular), as well as Ruby and PHP.

Helped mentees establish CI/CD pipelines, write unit tests, write and handle REST APIs, and deploy microservices, among other things.

Was consistently listed as featured mentor, received 5.0 ratings.


Tech Lead


Built a Progressive Web App frontend and GraphQL server that exposed objects from our own document store as well as third party services in a declarative, product-oriented API. Technologies and techniques included lit-html, Apollo GraphQL, functional programming, Rollup, CSS Grid, Web Share API, workbox, code splitting, tree-shaking, precaching, and lazy-loading to improve loading performance.

Implemented TDD and CI/CD with unit and integration testing on front- and backend

Used AWS web services (lambda, API gateway, cloudfront) to continuously deploy microservices.

Wrote an open-source component base class (~4.5k downloads) which reduced our boilerplate by dozens of lines of code per file.

Mentored coworkers through design and code review, tech talks, and documentation.



- Udacity

As a student mentor, engaged with the students assigned to me through private messages, encouraging them, answering their questions, sharing resources, and generally being there for them. Helped the general student population online via Slack, for example by leading technical AMAs. third party services in a declarative, product-oriented API.

Reviewed student submissions, providing feedback and approving their projects according the a rubric.


Web Developer

- UX Web Technologies
Beit Shemesh

In June of 2016, was brought on board to manage WordPress projects, and soon became the lead developer for special projects and apps. Designed and coded several apps using polymerfire. My experience with a11y; and UX and graphic design contributed to the success of a number of projects.

Led a number of initiatives at the company to improve the company's agility and scalability, including CI/CD pipelines, Slack, GitLab, and a trello-based sales funnel.


Web Developer

- Freelance

As a freelance dev, worked on a variety of projects using a range of technologies.

Built a number of WordPress sites, using woocommerce, page builders, child themes, and custom plugins.

Built apps using Polymer, AngularJS, firebase, nodejs, Bootstrap, and Stripe.js, including a donation app for a local charity.

Conducted web performance reviews which reduced clients' load times by more than 75%, Increased lighthouse performance scores from 0 to over 90.


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